4 March 2011 (USA)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Rango is the animated film directed by Gore Verbinski with featuring voice of Johnny Depp. I did not like it much, but it might be good watch for children.

Rango is a chameleon, who I think was drawn completely ugly. Maybe this is the reason why I did not like him and his adventures. The beginning of film was a little boring. As I got used to Rango’s ugly face, there came another ugly-drawn creature, iguana named Beans (Isla Fisher). She takes him to Dirt, Wild West town, where different desert animals leave. This is where film becomes interesting. Dirt, in my opinion, is a lovely name for a town.

Town suffers from the lack of water and its water reserves are very low. Rango, after accidentally crushing predator hawk under water tower and killing it, is appointed the new sheriff by Mayor (turtle). He inadvertently gives location of bank (water reserve) and tools for breaking into the vault to some mole robbers. Next morning when town animals find out that their water is stolen, Rango organizes posse to chase out robbers and they find bank manager dead.

When they track robbers and find the bottle empty, though robbers confess that they found it empty, town animals bring them to the town for trial. Rango confronts Mayor suspecting him in stealing town’s water. Mayor denies his involvement. He later sends for Rattlesnake Jake in order to get rid of Rango. Rattlesnake Jake humiliates Rango in front of everybody and makes him to confess that everything he told to town animals about himself is not true.

Rango leaves the town, wanders in the desert and meets the spirit of West. Later he learns that Dirt’s water was shut off and understands that it is done by Mayor. Rango returns to town and calls Jake for a duel, so that the hill clan and cacti, which he befriends in the desert, can open Dirt’s water. He surrenders when Mayor threatens Beans’ life. They put both of them into the bank vault to drown. Mayor prepares to shoot Jake and refers to him as a remnant of past.

Rango breaks with only bullet the glass of the vault and floods the room taking Mayor and his ‘people’ out. Jake acknowledges Rango for saving his life and drags Mayor into the desert. Town animals celebrate the return of water.

The characters of animation are interesting as they are taken from real life. They are delivered admirably well. Surely, not only children, but adults also will love it. People like me, who love contrast of colours and are obsessed with beauty, might not like it at all, though the plot and characters are definitely interesting.

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